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We started this Prayer Ministry in 1999 (Prayer Warriors have offered 965123 Prayers of Intercession Here). We've always sown our last into keeping it going. Now we could use a little help.
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~~ Revs David and Dolores

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Whether yours is a request for intercessory prayer or a christian prayer request, use our prayer request form to request prayer for your online prayer request here at the 1 World Center for Intercessory Prayer

Wednesday, June 28, 2017
Prayer Warriors have offered 965123 Prayers of Intercession Here.
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International Prayer Requests
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Hi dr. Juanita Bynum my prayer request is to break all curses and spirits that's hindering me and my children this curse has been there for years pastors they prophesied about someone have my name written down under a book but they don't have the power to remove it I also pray for my Outreach Ministry and my business please pray for us thank you God bless you

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Prayer is a surge of the heart; it is a simple look turned toward heaven, it is a cry of recognition and of love, embracing both trial and joy. UPDATED PRAYER REQUEST! JUNE,JULY,AUG,SEPT 2017,2018... Slow Recovery from the Death of Our Only Son and Other(Severe Financial Misery,Health Issues,Other Losses and Deaths..)Ongoing Sorrows and Hardships! Dear Community of Prayer, Thank you for praying with us in our long dark night of the soul that has gone on for so long! Despite everything! We continue to stay at our Post in Faith and Hope!! Please continue to pray with us daily for the long(2017,2018..) term for God's Healing and Protecting Peace! Please also pray for financial relief. The terrible financial situation is making our recovery next to impossible! Please pray for relief!!! Meanwhile,We continue to stay at our post in faith and Hope! Please pass Urgent Prayer Request on:Convents,Nuns,Sisters,Monasteries,Priests,Prayer Groups and Others you know of in the Community of Prayer?? Thank you your patience and daily prayers. In His Peace, Bill and Carol. oh.usa PS. We will keep you(Community) in our daily prayers as our hearts(Feeli


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I have a few prayer requests I was wondering if you could please forward them to your prayer team please. Can you please pray that my fiancÚ Tom would stop his wrong thinking and would seek God and would realize how much he truly does love me and God would restore us and it would be so much better. That Tom would want to change for me and God. And Would. And will ending his friendship with his ex wife that both would realize that it is wrong. She is not a Christian and does not want to let him go. She has done everything she can too effect your relationship. That she would move on. Stop all contact with him from now on. Also I have a court date coming up and I was wondering if you could please pray that God would make a way where there is no way and move mightily on my behalf. That God would touch the heart of the judge and that even the issue at hand would be drop. This has been going on for a year. Also for my heath and that Social security would settle the clam fast I made because I am sick and it has affected my whole life. I would 30 years in the computer field and made good money now that I am sick and cannot do that anymore I need the money I paid into to SSI.


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Good morning God Lord Jesus thank you for this very nice quiet morning. Thank you for my family friends and this wonderful old house. I pray today for my family, friends, acquaintances, Dylan, Dakota, and all others who are sick to be well, get stronger and beat the diseases/illnesses that have attacked them. I ask this in your name Jesus. I pray for the hungry to be fed, the homeless to find shelter, the lonely to make friends, the lost to be found and the homeless to find shelter. I ask this in your name Jesus. I pray for safe uninterrupted travel without incident for my family friends and myself. I ask this in your name Jesus. I pray for you to keep my daughter and her family safe while they are away vacationing. I ask this in your name Jesus. Thank you for my blessings. PRAISE GOD WHAT'S IN YOUR HEART GOD I HOPE PUT GOD IN YOUR HEART AND PUT YOUR TRUST IN GOD HAVE FAITH NEVER LOSE HOPE GIVE IT AND ALWAYS EXTEND CHARITY GOD BLESS US ALL

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Please pray for safe travel today for RS/DS/HMS/HS/NS/DDS. Please pray HMS can get the closure she needs. Please heal HMS/HS/NS/RS/DDS/DS from anxiety and depression. Please pray PT contacts HMS and she feels better afterwards. Please pray RS has a quiet uneventful day today free from migraines, auras, stomach issues, illness, and angry uncooperative people. Please pray the job is posted soon the way CC had it and that RS gets the job with a pay increase. Thank you

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please pray for me to find a good paying job close your home. I have been looking for a long time for a job close to Hine because I can't afford gas.please please pray for me and my family. thank you, God bless.

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I am ready to advance in my career. Although I am thankful for my job, I feel very unappreciated, unfulfilled, and stifled in my position. I do not trust or get along with my coworkers and I am bored with what I do. I need something that allows me to use my skills as a motivator and encourager to help underprivileged populations. I think federal probation would afford me that opportunity.

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Please pray RS can focus and write her paper tonight to get an A. Please pray PT responds to HMS or RS. Thank you

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Please pray that God fills my family and I with His Holy Spirit, helps us in all ways, blesses and protects us as we go about our daily lives.

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pray for hurricane cindy to reach dallas and plano area and rain all weekend we need the rain water and bind a couple of witches who want a softball weekend chants to be canceled.. and in it the pro ball players will come repent of using chanting on the teams to win.. cancel a local charity group who is formed by witches, coven witches .. pray they are no more now and forever.. bind death wishes and pray they run to me to repent even the local middle easterns that they would receive a message on isis that they would repent and many many come into being a catholic.. a local priests here where I live [wont mention] was shot by isis that is in usa..

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please pray for me, i used to have a crush on my colleague and i had proposed and got rejected. I knew she had a guy, but i did like her very much. but turns out she isn't the best person in the world, she is manipulative as well. i'm conflicted, i just want to forget and move on but i'm at times held back by my feelings, I just want this thing to be resolved in a manner that is comfortable for me.

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Warriors, please come into agreement, that God is sending us a psalm 118:25, have bills due.

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Please pray for mark O for a spouse,

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Please pray that Neil will be on vacation when DRC has to go to California. Please pray that it will just be PG and DRC alone making the trip to get the equipment ready for shipment.

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in Jesus name I expand my territory and the territory of the Holy Spirit, and I command all evil to be bound and locked out of my house and away from my family, now, in Jesus Name, Amen.

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All Prayers are less than one month old.

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